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CBN Departments

Economic Policy
This directorate is made up of the following Departments:
  1. Financial Markets Department.
  2. Monetary Policy Department
  3. Research Department
  4. Statistics Department
  5. Trade and Exchange Department.


Departments under this directorate are:-

  • Financial Markets Department

    The Department has the following mandates:

    • Implementation of CBN-mandated and CBN financial market operations
    • Promotion of the Nigerian financial markets to ensure effective monetary policy transmission

  • Monetary Policy

    The Department has the following mandate:

    • Development and implementation of monetary policy

  • Research

    The Department has the following mandates:

    • Development and provision of information services, analyses and policy papers on various areas of the economy including the financial, external, fiscal and real sectors.
    • Macroeconomic modeling and forecasting

  • Statistics
  • The Department has the following mandate:

    • To collect, analyse and manage data on all sectors of the economy, in order to provide statistical support to the Bank, the government, international organizations and other stakeholders.

  • Trade & Exchange
  • The Department has the following mandate:

    • Development and articulation of trade and exchange rate policies working with other arms of government

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Please Note that the CBN does not have any other departments outside the country or at any other location besides those listed on this website, If you have received any form of correspondence naming a CBN department that is not on this list please see our 419 disclaimer.

Facts : 1/7/1959
Evolution of Departments:At inception, the organisational structure of the CBN was understandably simple consisting of two departments, namely, the General Manager's and the Secretary's Departments, with the appropriate division of labour as then percieved. The General Manager's Department was responsible for all the Department banking, currency issues, debt management and other operational functions of the bank while the Secretary's Department handled the administrative and staff matters, carried out some research into the economic and financial conditions, and collected and analysed relevant statistics for policy formulation.
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