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CBN and The Community

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Our Social Responsibility

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the CBN engages in a number of community based activities such as;

  1. Capacity Building Programmes
    1. Other Capacity Building Programmes
  2. Sports Development
  3. Other Community Based Programmes
    • Provision of Library Services
    • Data Management and Dissemination
    • Public Enlightenment
    • Keep Beggars Off-the-Streets Initiative
    • Visiting Diaspora Scholars Programme
    • Other Community Development Initiatives
  4. Community Tools


Facts : 1/16/2006
The Cowry:The Cowry has, for centuries, served our people as an important form of currency. In 1860 the following system was in use: 40 Cowries formed a "String"; 50 Strings made a "head" and 10 heads comprised a "bag". In Lagos in 1865 one bag of 20,000 shells was exchanged for one or two English Pounds.
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